Why Emily Gilmore is the best Gilmore Girl


With Gilmore Girls: A year in the life hitting our screens in November I spent the Summer re watching all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls. I haven’t watched the show since it ended in 2007. I was 14 then and my opinions of the show have totally changed. Back then Rory was my favourite character. She loved reading, she wanted to be a journalist and travel the world. I found her to be my role model and a big inspiration. After watching it again I realised that Rory is the whiniest person in the whole show who does not have any clue how lucky she is. Don’t get me started on how annoying it is that Rory and Lorelai eat total rubbish and never put on a pound of weight. Also, they thought you could get a train to Ireland!? However, this is another blog post all together.


ireland See Rory and Lorelai Ireland is an Island.

What I want to talk about is the true heroine of the show, the wonderful Mrs. Emily Gilmore.

Here why I think she is truly amazing:

  1. She’s the funniest character on the show. Everything loves Lorelei for her humour and pop culture jokes but Emily makes me laugh out loud hysterically. She is the wittiest woman and her dry sarcasm gives me comedic inspiration. She says what she wants and gets away with it because she’s bad ass funny.


2. She is a woman of true class. You would not catch Emily Gilmore at your local Subway stuffing her face with a foot long meat ball sub. Instead she’ll be sipping away at G&T’s at the trendiest and most expensive places in town. She gives me life goals.


3. She is honest and blunt. I think we should all aspire to tell it like it is a bit more like Emily.


4. She has a killer fashion sense. When Emily is going through a separation from her husband/daughter or even grand daughter she does it in style. Her fashion sense is almost as good at Luke’s coffee or Sookie’s cooking.


I know Emily has her flaws. It drove the viewers crazy when she tried to break up Luke and Lorelai. When Rory dropped out of college because one person criticized her, Emily welcomed her in with open arms. Even if we can’t understand her reasons behind her actions what we can agree on is that she does what she does out of love. She always has her family’s best intentions in mind when she puts her plans into action.

Move over Rory and Lorelai, make way for the true matriarch of the show. I want to know how many more maids can Emily fire?



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