The Facts of Choice

The When: Monday the 17th of October

The Where: The Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin

The Why: Talking about Choice.

We need to talk about choice in Ireland. It’s 2016 and the 8th amendment needs to be repealed in order to save the lives, health and choices of women in Ireland.

The What:

 This was a get real, no frills chat with two wonderful hosts and an educated and interesting panel about the facts of choice and the problems that pregnant people face in this country in 2016.

The Who 

The Hosts:

Tara Flynn

Tara is self described as “an Irish actor, writer and worrier”

She is the writer of ‘You’re Grand: The Irish Woman’s Secret Guide to Giving Out’ and ‘Giving Out Yards: the Art of Complaint, Irish Style’

Her husband was there helping out at the event. He was collecting tickets at the door, taking donations and generally just being lovely.

You couldn’t get a better host in Tara (other than the incredible Alison Spittle) because this issue means the world to her and her family. Everyday she keeps up the fight for the repeal the 8th family.

I’m so glad to have seen Tara speak. She is an inspiration to all Irish people and the repeal movement would be light years behind without her.


Alison Spittle

What a true delight. Alison Spittle brought so much to the table. This woman isn’t just funny, she’s also well informed and open to an honest chat over a glass of wine about the Facts of Choice. This woman is possibly one of Ireland’s funniest comedians right now. Originally from West Meath she has been braving the scary city of Dublin for some years now and has taken it by storm. Some places where you may have seen Alison making audiences laugh include but are not limited to are: Twitter, the Late Late Show, YouTube and the Republic of Telly etc.

Alison is the proof that yes, shock horror, women are funny.

The Panel:

Colm O’Gorman

Can you believe it? It’s a man ! And he wants to repeal the 8th. The rest of the panel tried not to do much womansplaining to good ol’ Colm. He can definitely hold his own.

When he’s not running, being a father, a husband, he manages to fit in being the executive director to none other than Amnesty Ireland. He could very well be one of the most well spoken and thought provoking people on the whole of the island. He’s well researched and a was one of the activists who sought out getting the Marriage Equality Act passed in Ireland in 2015.

Colm’s Twitter

Amnesty Ireland

Professor Veronica O’Keane

When she’s not busy educating the public at the Workman’s Club on the Facts of Choice she is a senior lecturer at the department of psychiatry  in Trinity College, Dublin. As well as this she is a mother and a member of Doctor’s for Choice who are “pro-woman, pro-child, pro-choice.”

Doctor’s for Choice

Dr Vicky Conway

This wonderful Dr Vicky Conway is part of Lawyer’s for choice. Lawyer’s for choice is a UK based organisation that was set up in 2016. Vicky does a lot of work educating people on the law behind the 8th amendment and has done much work involved in researching legislation to be put in place if the 8th was repealed. When she’s not doing all of this she’s busy teaching at DCU

Check out Vicky’s Twitter and more information on Lawyer’s for choice

Dr David Robert Grimes

A scientist extraordinaire who explains that “You are entitled to your own opinions, you are not entitled to your own facts.”

No truer words have been said David. I’ll be stealing that line in my next debate about the 8th. Thank you very much.

The facts are what David has. Grimes is important in this movement as he can debunk false facts and science that anti-choicers give. False facts in this debate are truly harmful. You won’t get a more qualified person to do this as he is a doctor of physics and a cancer researcher. He knows science.

Last but certainly not least is Linda Kavanagh from Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC). She’s well versed in the facts and information about abortion in Ireland. Everyday she works hard for the repeal movement.

Visit the ARC website for almost any information you need or questions you have about abortion in Ireland Abortion Rights Campaign Website

What Next: 

There’s so much you can do…..

  1. Educate yourself. Get the facts straight  helpful articles. Also, ARC give plenty of information on the facts ARC Facts
  2. Mobilize the debate. Don’t be ashamed to talk about it. Inform your family and friends.
  3. Donate/Buy a jumper!
  4.  Remember, you won’t get through to everyone. 5% of people are totally against repealing the 8th. If you think about that, that’s such a small number. Don’t get angry when you can’t convince someone to change their mind. Believe me, someone is listening and Ireland is ready.





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