The Self Confidence Series: Starting from Scratch

I remember being a young girl in school and feeling unstoppable. If I wanted to do something I would go and do it. One summer’s day when I was bored I recruited my brother, gathered a load of crap in my house that nobody used and tried selling the tat in our front garden. In the yard in my small school in the mountains, a boy picked on me. So, I chased him around the playground and beat him up until he apologized. When my friends and I were bored we’d climb trees and create our own games. I don’t know when or how but somewhere travelling between childhood and adulthood thoughts of self doubt surfaced, quickly and loudly.

A confident scrappy little tom boy became a quiet wild flower.

My can do attitude became blurred. There’s a combination of reasons why but I don’t want to examine the past or blame anyone or anything.

So I’m picking myself up instead. I want to help you too.

Hopefully from my mistakes and experiences I can help you be the courageous, fearless, punk #Girlboss you were born to be.

I know so many wonderful woman out there who are so hard on themselves. Instead of building themselves up, they tear themselves down. Honestly, girls rip themselves to pieces together in some weird sort of bonding experience. I can’t say much, I do it too! One thing I can say is that now that I’m aware that I’m too hard on myself I want to nip it in the bud.

So, like in the title, I’m starting from scratch.

The tools:

Good people


A library card

My laptop

A Journal

Do you fancy coming on this journey with me?

Go on, what do we have to lose?



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