The Self-Confidence Series: Stop the Negative Self Talk

We all have our moments in life when things aren’t running smoothly. Sometimes these moments turn into long periods of time and we become down on ourselves. When things don’t go according to plan we have the tendency to blame ourselves. Remember, that not everyone wakes up overjoyed and happy with life. I sure don’t. It’s something I have to constantly be working on.

One thing I’m doing that will help you to in becoming a self-confident bad ass #Girlboss is stopping the negative self-talk.

When we hear things often enough they become our truth. If someone is constantly putting you down and saying “you’re an idiot”…. you are more than likely going to take this own board, shattering your confidence.

Are you the person that’s putting yourself down? I know I do. My mother is constantly asking me, “why are you so hard on yourself?” My response…

“I don’t know”

And, I don’t know why I’m so hard on myself. I have high expectations of myself. Nobody put these on me. I gave these to myself. I’m starting to listen to my wise mother. To be honest constantly putting myself down has done nothing to benefit me. I’m exhausted, stressed anxious and depressed.

But since I’ve made myself aware of the language I use I’m feeling better already. When I notice I’m being critical of myself I stop myself and ask “Is that really true Katie?”

When these thoughts creep into your head, which they will time and time again. Think to yourself, “would I talk to my best friend in the world like that”

Think about it, if your best friend came to you sobbing about something, let’s say she and her boyfriend broke up and she’s devasted. She says to you “What did I do wrong?” She will also say things like “I’m not pretty enough. I’m so stupid. He wants someone better than me.”

Are you going to sit there and let her talk to herself like that?! She’s your best friend. So she is basically family and probably the most amazing person. You’re going to lift her up because you love her and call her out on that bull sh**.

Lift yourself up like you’d lift up your best friend!

This constant negative self-talk affects our whole lives. It fractures our relationships. It can threaten our career progression and make us depressed and we give up on our dreams and passions.

So, let’s stop this. Let’s use a nice filter on ourselves.

These negative beliefs are limiting us. Life has many obstacles so why are we choosing to be our biggest barrier?

Lots of love,


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