We aren’t born critical of ourselves. We start off without a care in the world other than “I’m hungry! Give me that fantastic milk, lady!”

When we’re kids we are full of self-love…but that flies out the window when we start taking in outside information.

So here we are, unsure of ourselves and running around like self depreciating headless chickens, knocking ourselves down and relying on others to build us back up. When really, we are the only ones we should ask to build ourselves back up. The people you love are amazing but we, as individuals need to do the heavy lifting. Our foundations need to be built before we start adding in the walls, doors, windows and other levels. Yes, we can reach out and take advice off others who are more wise and knowing than you and I but…we need to make the final decision of truly accepting who we are and loving ourselves with everything we have.

I have some tips to share that I’ve found along my journey. These hopefully will help you along your path of self-love. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

  • To love ourselves we need to accept love and joy. What I mean is to not feel guilty for enjoying all the truly amazing moments we will experience. In my own life there have been moments when I’m having a really good time, laughing away and then..boom..I’ll remember I have x to do and think why on Earth am I out having fun? Forget about whatever it has to be done or worried about. Honestly, enjoy the little things and have fun!
  • Love yourself so much that you don’t give a crap about outside opinions. Ah, there was time when I gave so much thought into other peoples thoughts about me that I didn’t even act like myself. I forgot who I was. I’m sure we are all guilty of this. You have to do you no matter what. I’ve started to realize we only have ONE life. This is our life to enjoy. The people around us have their lives to enjoy. If we enjoy life together that is a gift but remember we can’t let other people’s negative perceptions of the world impact our lives or our self worth.
  • Appreciate how unique you are. The probability of you being born is close to impossible. In her TedX talk in San Francisco, the delightful author Mel Robbins tells us that scientists estimated that the probability of us being alive is…one in 400 trillion. Think about that for a minute.. No you aren’t one in a million. You’re one in 400 trillion! To my knowledge, there are not 400 trillion on the planet so there is nobody else out there like you, not even close. You are special. Even if you don’t think or see the gifts and talents you have, you have them and they are unique to you. Also, you are the only one who has your thoughts. When I realized that there is nobody on this planet who thinks the way my mind works or has my thought pattern, I giggled. How cool is that?!
  • Do what you love. Make time for things you enjoy. If you think you are too busy, make time. As I said up above, we have one life, enjoy it! Let’s be pro-active about living the life we love.
  • Please, please, please do the following..put your needs first. You are NOT selfish for taking care of yourself.
  • Accept compliments. If someone has taken the effort to say a nice word about you, accept it. They mean it. People are more genuine then you think and if they are telling you that you are awesome….well…you better believe it because you are amazing.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. I know this is said a lot but it’s true. Avoid it like you’d avoid your colleague in work who is sneezing and coughing all around the office. I remember watching an Athletic competition in the last Olympics. Usain Bolt and another runner were both coming joint first when the other runner starting looking at Usain Bolt. As soon as he stopped focusing on himself and started to compare himself to Usain, he lagged behind and Usain won gold. Usain did not take his eyes off the prize and neither should you 🙂

I will leave you with some wise words from the amazing writer Jen Sincero

“What you tell yourself on a daily basis is more powerful than you know”

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