Two Weeks Into Vegetarianism 

Here I am, two weeks into my new vegetarian life-style after months of weaning myself off meat before I went whole hog! (Excuse the pun). I just want to let you all know how I’ve found it.

You know what? It’s not been as hard as I had expected. I expected it to be fairly difficult as I also follow a gluten free diet as gluten makes me super ill. In fact, I have been cooking more home made meals since cutting meat out, even making my own snacks and delicious granola. This vegetarian introduction has turned me into quite the innovative domestic Goddess. Not that I can get anyone except my vegetarian brother and best friend to eat my yummy food! 

Sure look, it’s only been two weeks so I don’t want to shove my brief way of living into any one’s world…yet 😄…Kidding.

The first week I did feel hungry at night a bit more. I’m not sure if that’s usual or maybe I just wasn’t eating enough but this week I’ve been eating a bit more..but eating less junk food. Ive had more energy than I’ve had in months.

Something else that has been really positive about all the new cooking I’ve been doing is that it’s been very beneficial for my mental health. Cooking used to stress me out a lot. But I’ve been getting better and enjoying it a lot more while experimenting with veggie recipes. I’m not sure what it is. I think that when I am cooking I’m in a state of flow… I’m not thinking about what’s my plan for tomorrow, two weeks from now, 2 years from now. While whipping up my veggie lasagne I was concentrating so much on not messing it up that I wasn’t distracted my emails or instagram. I had my focus on one task which is a rarity and quite a simple pleasure to have.

So, I’m looking forward to trying more dishes, figuring out what to pack for lunch for work and good, healthy, energy boosting snacks.

If you have any tips for what I mentioned in the last paragraph, please leave a comment. Any help would be much appreciated and listened to. 


  • Hiya Katie, good luck to you with the new regime. I think its great and I often think it is the only right thing to do but am hesitant to start, so well done you. I dont have advice really as I’m not a veggie but my friend is and her favourite food in the world is Indian food, very very good for vegetarians. If you like Indian I suggest you get a good cookbook. I love making curries, the house smells divine, the food is delicious, and gets better the next day and the next. There are so many different curries, dhals, ways with veg and pulses. Its great that you are enjoying cooking. Baking is also brilliant for taking your mind off the crazy stuff and concentrating on making yummy things for you and the people you love. You will feel even more of a domestic goddess if you can produce crispy biscuits. Good luck! x


    • Thanks so much Suz. Would you have any Indian cook book recommendations? The Happy Pear have an amazing Dahl, which I have yet to attempt to make!
      I’ve been really loving baking too actually. I totally agree that isn’t amazing for taking your mind off all the crazy stuff and it’s so nice to have a yummy treat too. I bake all gluten free and am trying to bake “healthy” if that’s possible? I mainly use the Happy Pear for baking ideas! I’m obsessed.


  • There are sooo many snacks you could try i just made a list for my subs. Our favorite here is containers of fruit and mixed nuts with raisins!


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