If you read my last post on 18 for 2018, you’ll know I’m doing dry January this year. As well as that, I’ve decided to give Veganuary a go because why not? I love a challenge. On the first of January, I went out to coffee with a friend who is also doing Veganuary. The cafe luckily had almond and soy milk, win, woohoo. Unfortunately, as vegan newbies, we didn’t realize eating breakfast out was difficult. In the end, we shared a dark chocolate bar, not the best start to a healthy 2018. On my way home, I stopped off to do my first vegan shop.
My first excursion out as a vegan!

I found out during the week that the Quorn mince and deli chicken slices are in fact, not vegan! This astounded me. Instead of beating myself up about it, as I had already eaten the food, I just accepted that I learned something new and to read packaging more carefully before buying.

My vegan favourite of the week was the Gosh Beetroot burgers. I cooked it with rice, veg and had some Ballymaloe chutney on the side. Last night I had a craving for something sweet. As there was no vegan chocolate in the house I improvised. In a bowl, I put together grapes, coconut yogurt, almond butter and flaked almonds. It was the nicest dessert treat I had in a long time. Just even talking about it I’m debating whether to go out into the rain so I can go to the shop to buy more grapes. In fact, I may just do that.

Let me know if you have any vegan favourites that are gluten free as well.


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