A Weekend in Copenhagen: Part 1 – An Attitude of Gratitude & The Side Hustler Host

In our house in South Dublin, I’m chewing the ear off of my Mum after finishing a Quorn roast which she graciously cooked for me so I could join herself and my step Dad for their Sunday roast. It was only a few hours previously they so kindly picked me up from Dublin airport after my solo trip to Copenhagen. Not gonna lie, I’m feeling an abundance of good old gratitude right now.

Finally chilling out after a turbulent two/three years

If you follow my blog or you’re a pal reading this, you’ll know it’s been a crazy few years. From moving back to Dublin after a failed move to London in 2015 to family drama & illness, mental health issues, illness in general, romantic fails and work challenges I have struggled to find peace. It’s been quite the turbulent ride. Hey, the hero’s journey and all…

This has never stopped me from trying to find fulfillment in life.

It’s been my mission for over a year to sort out my shit and finally be happy. There have been setbacks, I’ve been distracted by life and all that’s in it but I’m back on track. Anyways, happiness, I’ve discovered will always come in waves. It’s an emotion, and like all emotions, they come and go. What’s been missing is a balance, damn sometimes I wish I was a fecking Libra sometimes and had my sh*t together. Alas, I’m a Pisces, an emotional, sensitive dreamer. Star sign believer or not, it sums me up.

Last week, I wrapped up job and finally went to Copenhagen, a city that has been on my bucket list for three years. My family is sick to death of me yapping on about Hygge and how the lighting in our dining room table is shite and definitely NOT Hygge. For my 18 goals for 2018, I put down “Finally visit Copenhagen.” I JUST DID THAT BITCHES. With some new year motivation in me, on a whim, I bought a return ticket to Copenhagen that would leave in three weeks time. Easily enough, I found a beautiful, private room with a super-host on Airbnb.

Arriving in Copenhagen (my Paris <3)

Last Thursday, I arrived at Niels’ flat in a quiet, lush part of the city. I trekked up three flights of stairs with my case and was out of breath when a fit man in an orange luminous vintage tracksuit opened the door to greet me. His apartment was gorgeous. Every detail from the floorboards to the lighting was perfect and like something from an interior design magazine. He took my case and asked me to take my shoes off. After seeing that the floorboards were painted white, I understood why! I followed him into what would be my bedroom for the next 3 nights. The room was spacious and clean with a queen sized bed, antique chairs, fresh white roses, hygge lamps, and bookshelves, full of books with French titles. 20180202_191841.jpg


Niels made me a cup of ginger tea, the Danes mainly drink coffee so he was a bit surprised when I rejected his offer of a cup of coffee. We got chatting, it turns out he is an interior designer, hence why his apartment looks like it was taken from an Elle Decor pictorial. Airbnb is a side hustle for him, it gives him some extra cash which allows him to pursue his passion for interior design. He also works part-time in hospitality. His mover, shaker and risk taker attitude is inspirational. It goes to show we can do anything when we have a goal. We have to believe in impossible things. Life isn’t going to just happen. With perseverance, bravery and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, we make it happen. Meeting my host, Niels, was the most meaningful part of my trip.

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