A Weekend in Copenhagen: Part 2 – Vegan Souls and Eco Egos

During my first night in Copenhagen, wanting to keep up with Veganuary in February, I browsed the good old web for vegan places to eat in Copenhagen.

I came across Souls, a restaurant founded by two Australians and Denmark’s vegan chef Neel Engholm. Their aim: to put the soul back into food by offering locally sourced, high-quality food for people who are conscious of what they put in their body and also the footprint it leaves in order to reach their plate. Souls keeps the Australian approach of being straightforward yet laid back – an alternative for people who want worry-free food on the go with the highest quality.

Leaving my Airbnb I decided to walk to Souls, the city is really flat, perfect for cycling but I didn’t have a bike, next time! When I got to my destination, I was so relieved with my choice. There were twinkling fairy lights outside and the restaurant was full, my mother always says “never go into an empty restaurant” I walk inside and I’m greeted with a warm welcome. There were no tables, dang, but they offered me a seat at the bar, which I happily accepted.

Vegan Burger at Souls

A very friendly blonde Danish guy with a moustache took care of me for the night. All the staff were kind and willing to help. I could tell they loved their jobs. On my last night I decided to go and eat there again because the food was so good and the experience was amazing. When I went back, I made friends with Talia, a German woman who moved to Copenhagen to be with her boyfriend. We talked at Souls for most of the night. I promised her I’d have to move to Denmark now so we could hang out again.

During my stay, I went to Eco Ego and met an American, Brian the owner. He has lived in Copenhagen for 22 years, set up the store with his Danish wife. While I was in their store, his colleague was off to a meeting with the People Tree. My favourite clothes store in the world because of their good quality clothes and sustainable practises. Amazing! I spent the guts of an hour in the shop talking the ear off of Brian about sustainable clothing brands, bio-diversity, circular practises and borrowing communities.

eco ego

I loved the lifestyle in Denmark. I met a lot of happy people, singing the phrases of their city. Sustainable and eco-friendly were commonly used words. The country is very advanced and looks after its people. I can’t wait to go back and one day live there.

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